Phở is the national dish of Vietnam. You will find it every where from street stalls to fancy restaurants. Simple and pure in flavor, it appeals to all the senses. It is the dish that transcends regional variation in the cuisines of the nation. While Phở is a simple soup served with rice noodle, you should be aware that the Vietnamese see making the Phở stock as a fine art that usually involves lots of time and the use, not just of meat, but of beef bones. And the stock will itself be well spiced with roasted ginger, onion, star anise, cinnamon sticks, cloves, salt and other “personal or family” ingredients. Eating a bowl of Phở is a humble and experience, and the comfort of having old good eats.

Our delicious Phở are made fresh daily. You can customize your Phở by ordering what toppings you would go with your Phở. Phở are served with a plate of bean sprouts, fresh basil, lime wedged, sliced jalapeno pepper. Two bowl sizes are offered: small and large, even the small one is a meal by itself.